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W.A.P. !!!

By David

Multi-player Warlords style arcade game.

55% complete
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Version 0.3.2

The ball controller was sporting Update() instead of FixedUpdate(). Produced interesting results on SteamOS. Funny how it never manifested on any other machine since it's been like this since the first version.

Version 0.3.1

Four fixes as a result of testday (March 6) on the new Tinderbox.

1) Movement a multiple of Time.deltaTime

2) No longer calls Tinderbox.GameOver but rather Application.Quit()

3) Fixed a bug involving the "sharing" of "holding the ball" behavior between players.

4) Hopefully fixed a harder to duplicate bug concerning releasing a ball and immediately recatching it by inserting a delay.

Version 0.3

This is just a new build after upgrading Unity from 5.3.2f1 to 5.3.3f1. Also there were some unused members removed from the GameSetup script.

Version 0.21

Version 0.2 is garbage, 0.21 should be a good zip file.

Version 0.2

The initial SXSW 2016 submission.

The play field has now been squared so distances are more equal. As a consequence, there was a lot a space on either vertical edge.

To fill in this new space, two new game features are added and their statuses are displayed here.

First, if you have any bricks knocked out, a progress bar will begin to scroll and when it hits the end, a random lost brick will reappear. If all bricks are restored, the progress bar will disable. It will also disable if that player is knocked out.

Second, the amount of time you can hold the ball is limited. A second progress bar will (rapidly) scroll down and if you are still holding the ball then, it will be thrown in whatever direction your paddle is currently at. This progress bar replenishes if you aren't holding the ball but it does so much more slowly than it is spent.

Finally, there is an indication to hold the red and yellow buttons to exit back to the setup screen. Anyone holding down their r/y buttons will cause another progress bar to start scrolling and if allowed to reach the end, the game will exit back to the setup screen.

On the setup screen, the r/y buttons behave in a similar manner but will exit the game entirely.

Selecting each colors human/bot choice is now something that can be changed at will until all four players have entered their choice.

There was a bug where the random direction the ball starts at the beginning of the game wasn't so random. Now it will have an equal probability of heading toward any one of the four players.

Version 0.1.5

An even darker (edit: brighter) background!

Version 0.1.4

Darker background and transparent controls insrtuction image.