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W.A.P. !!!

By David

Multi-player Warlords style arcade game.

55% complete
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Version 0.1.3

Increased curving force per feedback. So we start tracking this, the original total force magnitude was 50 (v 0.1.1), then it went down to 15 in v 0.1.2 and now it is back up to 25.

Version 0.1.2

This version includes a new (and spectacular) background along with new graphics for control instructions as well as wiring in a new control scheme for starting up the game.

Also the curve force applied has been significantly reduced to hopefully avoid being able to stop the ball completely. Please continue to provide feedback as to any adjustments needed or problems encountered.

Version 0.1.1

Thanks to some great feedback from Jack, this game has two control changes.

Change #1: Moving the stick Up or Down will now move the paddle the same direction as Right or Left as follows:

Blue/Green: Up moves the paddle the same direction as Right. Down moves the paddle the same direction as Left. Red/Yellow: Up moves the paddle the same direction as Left. Down moves the paddle the same direction as Right.

Change #2: Full directional ball control after a throw. For instance, pushing up on the stick curves the ball up, pushing right adds force to the right, etc.

I am really feeling the force added after the throw is too big now. It is large enough to slow down, stop and reverse direction of the ball in flight. I feel that is deviating from the spirit of the game but I am leaving it as is for now and expect to reduce the force added in the future.

Also, when curving the ball, I am trying to take simultaneous direction input from the stick but am not seeing that with my keyboard or gamepad. For instance, if you move the stick to the upper left, the ball should curve that way but I am not seeing that. Does the TinderBox controls work in this way?

Version 0.1.0

This is a minor fix to move the barrier walls on the left and the top a smidge so you can't see them on-screen. Thanks for noticing this Jack!

Version 0.0.9

This version adds the ability to steer the ball after you throw it. Only the person who threw it can steer it and this ability ends as soon as the ball hits anything.

Please provide feedback on this feature especially about the level of steering. There is probably some tuning needed here to make it fun and fair. Right now you can steer the ball pretty dramatically and it might be too much.


Version 0.0.8

This version has feature parity with the OS X version presented at the TechFestNW game jam event.

That includes bots and smoothly rotating shields as well as some minor cosmetic enhancements.


I just implemented bot players if you don't have 4 humans handy. I think I will wait to upload until after TechFest though. Even though I have tested the addition and understand it, I am a little wary of releasing it this late.