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Shitty Voltron

By Lifeformed, Jack Meade, Oliver Smith

Our Global Game Jam 2015 game! 4-Player QWOPerative, save the day before the city is destroyed (by you)!

100% complete
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New version up, should fix some problems

We were having problems with the old version where XBox controller trigger buttons weren't working right and boosting wasn't always working. We switched to a new controller library and updated - get the new version over here! This also gives you some new stuff like a timer & a buildings-remaining counter, plus Commander Unicorn gets his own little window where he can vent his rage at your bumbling antics all by himself!

Like this:

Shitty Voltron gets a writeup on Kotaku!

The TinderBox was in SXSW this past weekend and we got a writeup on Kotaku! Check it out: here. Unfortunately the download link they posted doesn't work anymore, but try this build for 4 Xbox controllers!

Shitty Voltron fan art

We recently demoed Shitty Voltron at a video game drink & draw (hosted by PIGSquad). Thanks to everyone who drew our game!

An Epic Play-through

Each player controls one limb, QWOP-style. The goal is to get to your Sword of Power and then strike the evil Ziggubot's vulnerable energy orb before it (or you) destroys the city.

We had an awesome time at the Portland game jam, PIGSquad did a great job organizing things and I was impressed with what people were able to get done in 48 hours. PLUS I won a Unity pro license in the raffle which was totally unexpected but very appreciated! Thanks Unity!

If you want to try the game out, you can download it here (updated slightly from our GGJ version). You'll need 4 XBox controllers though (or at least one to even get into the game).

Game Jammin'

Check it out! We made it in 48 hours. Requires 4 XBox controllers but you can kind of mess around in debug mode with the keyboard. Game by Terence Lee (programming, sound), Jack Meade (art) and myself (programming).

Other awesome games people made were Umbilicus and He & Us. Honestly though I didn't get to check out much of what other people were doing because we were too busy the whole time.