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By Jack Meade, Oliver Smith

Raft-building has never seemed so possible.

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Like the Sims, but the world is a post-apocalyptic waterworld. Find some junk, strap it to your raft, and move on. This whole raft thing started as an idea I had for a multiplayer game where players on one side of the world would build rafts using materials they had available, but some materials were only available on the other side of the world so you had to float to get there, and you would encounter other players who had built their rafts out of completely different stuff. Anyway, Jack was excited about building something raft-based in a post-apocalyptic world as well (a few successful games in this genre have emerged since, so probably others were working on theirs at the same time). So we started working together on something that was eventually going to be called "Adrift". We worked on this for a long time and kept starting over because we kept realizing what we were trying to do was way out of scope. There was even a whole other prototype (at least) that's not recorded here. But sadly we never did get anything very playable, even though when I look at these prototype images now it feels like something cool was just around the corner. But even making a simple game is a huge amount of work and we weren't able to simplify it enough. I think in particular I definitely didn't know how to properly simplify things at the time, and I'm not sure I do now either.