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Generating 3D Islands in Unity

By Oliver Smith

Just playing around.

100% complete
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Hi Oliver,

I know it's probably been a while since you've cracked this project open, but I was wondering if you have the source code available for this project somewhere that I could take a look at? What you have depicted here is exactly what I am trying to accomplish in C#.

I am not a developer... more of a designer in fact, but I'm trying to get my head around implementing Fortune's algorithm with my lukewarm C# skills. I've been trying to write the algorithm using a spoken word form of pseudocode in order to cobble together something usable but everything I come across seems either too dense or too hacked together to make sense out of how to do it.


Project owner

Hi, it has been quite a while since I looked at this. :) Unfortunately I can't find my implementation - it must have been on my old laptop. Fortune's algorithm was not easy for me to get working, and even when I had it working it was pretty slow and still glitched out occasionally. I'd definitely suggest trying to find a library that does it instead of rolling your own. You could try these ones on github which both look to have Fortune's algorithm implemented:

https://github.com/joshbayley/UDelaunay (this is a Unity port of the ActionScript library used by this famous article)


Also, at one point I managed to get this working in Unity by importing it as a dll:


There must be other implementations too. You could try asking on the procedural generation subreddit? Good luck!

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