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By Ryan Kubik, Oliver Smith

There's been a murder on the train, Sheriff!

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This was our Global Game Jam 2018 entry, made in Unity. I did this with a bunch of friends who more or less all met each other for the purposes of the game jam. It was a good team, and we went on to do a few more projects together.

This game has a whole nice website put together thanks to Ryan, so you can play it online here: Trainsmission!

Global Game Jam page

You're the sheriff on an old-west train who has to investigate a murder, which you do by talking to the people on the train and deciphering their various cryptic clues. Some of them give you bad information, though! When you think you know who did it, you can accuse them and either they go to jail or you do, which I still think is funny. I'm always surprised at how much of these things gets done at the last minute - I don't think we had any idea what the actual gameplay was going to be until the last day.