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Surf Waver

By Oliver Smith

Surfin' Survival MMO.

100% complete
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Surf Waver

This was my entry for Global Game Jam 2017, which I did solo except for my friend Mike who provided music and sounds remotely. I wanted to make a game in the Slither.io browser-based MMO style, so I used a template framework called IOGrid and modified it. So I had to learn that framework and also Phaser to make a game in 72 hours. I did manage to get something working, but it was a grind with nobody else there to keep me motivated.

To play, you surf out into the ocean and then ride waves back. You get points while you ride waves, but if you hit a shark you die. So you just try and stay alive for as long as possible to get to the top of the current high scores list. Maybe there was some mechanic with the drift wood too? I can't remember now. Here's a video of me playing solo (no sound unfortunately, this might have been recorded before I put it in):