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By Oliver Smith

Create sprites and UI assets in the Unity editor.

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Shapes2D for Unity

Shapes2D is a Unity asset that was supposed to make it easy to create quick prototype images without leaving Unity. If you're a non-artist programmer, it can seem like a hassle to open up an art editor you're not familiar with just to create something simple. However, the way I implemented this using a shader-based approach, rather than dynamic meshes or GL, is probably not the way I'd do it now, because complex shaders are a thing to be avoided unless you really know what you're doing - they tend to break on random GPUs/devices and it's really hard to fix them without having that specific hardware combination. Plus it can be inefficient to run. So I only recommend using this asset to make quick graphics and converting them to PNG sprites, and not using it for procedural shapes at runtime.

This asset did make a little bit of money occasionally, but I found it was not enough to be worth the support burden. If someone pays $10 for an asset and then needs a few hours of tough tech support, it's not much fun. So I made the asset free and open-sourced it, which for me means I don't feel responsible for fixing every issue or addressing every feature request.

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