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By Petr Hucik

Guide your website visitors https://www.spotclarify.com

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Hey Petr, welcome to ProgFrog! SpotClarify seems like a neat idea. I ran through the test drive on your website and it was really intuitive and easy to work with. Is there an option to export the code so websites could keep it all local or is the idea to always host it as a service so you can integrate with analytics?

PS I noticed a few typos/run-ons on your splash page, let me know if you want me to point them out. :)

Project owner

Hi Oliver, thanks for taking the effort to try the tour builder, I really appreciate it.

At the moment I don't plan to support standalone version of tour runner. The reason is simple - I don't really have time to maintain and support additional product. But I will implement export to various json formats that existing open-source libraries can consume. There will be some features that couldn't be exported, though. I'm talking about theme, design, and other supporting technologies such as step triggers (url matcher, DOM mutation,...)

Please, send me your notes on those typos/run-ons to petr@spotclarify.com. I would really appreciate it - I can hardly write text in my native language, let alone in English :)

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