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By Oliver Smith

A guitar-learning website I made for parsing and playing directly from tabs.

100% complete
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GROKTAR - actually updated!

I'm pretty surprised about this, but I actually just updated GROKTAR. I thought it might be good for practicing if you could shift through a few scales while playing, so show all the notes in A for a few beats, then D for a few beats, then E for a few beats and repeat. That was pretty easy to hack into the site, so I did. The hardest part was reading my old code. Here's how you do it (from the demo on the site):

Check it out on the site!

By the way, the inspiration for this was an old idea I had to somehow have light-up frets on my guitar so I could actually look down and see what notes were in a scale. I know there are ways to build LEDs into the fretboard, but who wants to destroy their guitar to put them in there? I could use removable stickers, but I couldn't set them up to change to a new scale every few beats. Does anybody know of something out there that can do it with very thin light-strips or lasers or something?