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Tank N Spank

By Adam McCurdy

An arcade tank battle game

80% complete
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Post Jam - Working game - Time for polish

Hello there,

I just woke up from our Cntrl Office Jam site session. Man I'm tired! So our game was tested and brought to an MVP state. The four player tank battles are fun, and playing with new players on the arcade cabinet gave us some good feedback on how we can make the experience even better.

We'll be adding (powerups, turret aiming, jumping, and different playmodes and rounds). We are targeting 3 different play modes in progression.

Round 1 - Free for all This is where everyone goes for broke in an all out 4 player battle.

Round 2 - Team battle We'll be tracking stats from round one to determine the two best and two worst players and dividing them up into evenly matched teams. And color coding the tanks with more UI. Then we'll be facing off in a 2 v 2 battle.

Round 3 - Boss battle This is a really interesting mode. This is where the best player over the last two rounds based on stats will become super sized and the "boss". The other three players will then be able to seek revenge and take that player down as a team! Be careful though, because the boss is huge, and hits hard, and can now run over your puny little tanks!

Hello WORLD!!!!

OK, so we set up the TinderBox controller API. which was pretty painless and nice. We have decided on the context of our game and also the style of camera and game play. It's going to be roughly an isometric tank battle game.

You can see what the first tank looks like here!

We are currently working on ballistics at the moment and defining what needs to be done in regards to the art assets and features like UI and effects.

This is a short first post but there will be more to come!

Also weeee! Local multiplayer! https://youtu.be/OYXC1qY5xIc