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By Jack Meade, Oliver Smith

A mobile game featuring vikings.

25% complete
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Maybe we'll finish this one day

I pretty much got stuck on the group pathfinding, and then I needed to start making some money instead of working on the game, so we haven't done anything in a few months. The pathfinding turned out to be pretty hard to get working - none of the Unity asset store options have local avoidance that works very well. Boids-style flocking is easy to do but RTS-style group pathfinding on a navmesh did not turn out to be very straightforward. I'd like to give it another shot though.

Anyway, the idea with this one is that you go out on raiding voyages with your group of vikings, and then bring your plunder back to your village to maintain buildings and build more ships. I think it will be fun if we finish it, but for now we're working on other things.