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By Lifeformed, Oliver Smith

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Account styling

Today I did all the styling for logging in, creating accounts and so on. django-allauth is a huge time-saver and I like how configurable it is.

We're using django-mailgun and I had to adapt it for Python 3 and for sending HTML emails, but I did most of that a while back so it wasn't a big deal. I should post that to github except I'm not totally sure the way I'm doing it is going to work for everybody, so I probably won't unless somebody stumbles across this post and wants my code.

I really want to rewrite Progress Made using the latest Django and django-allauth! Argh, rewrites always take way longer than you think though.

Snaggy - the best website in Guyana!

Today I tried to make the new design work in Firefox, Safari and IE. Firefox was a big pain, Safari still doesn't work, and IE...worked right away with almost no problems. Is it the end times?