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Hypercube & Fancy Tables

By Ryan Munro

Building some tables

100% complete
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Hypercube & Fancy Tables


  1. Desk
  2. Coffee Table
  3. Hypercube table (now for TV, but originally was going to be for plants)


  1. orbital sander
  2. power drill w/ screw thingies
  3. mig welder
  4. welding mask
  5. extension cord
  6. hacksaw
  7. clamps
  8. welding magnet
  9. welding gloves
  10. welding apron


  1. 2x4s for clamping
  2. sand paper
  3. screws
  4. t-nuts
  5. metal plates for hypercube table screws
  6. mig welding tip 0.035”
  7. wood planks (red oak planks, and maple)
  8. hairpin legs
  9. metal rods
  10. wood glue
  11. jaxx metal blackener
  12. steel wool
  13. wood preconditioner
  14. two in one wood stain and coat

Wish I had

  1. belt sander — the wood was too rough for the orbital sander, even though it was only 1mm that needed to be sanded! I overestimated the power of course sand paper
  2. angle grinder to cut 1/8th metal rods instead of hacksaw — using the hacksaw was a pain
  3. wood stain, and coat separate — I think it would of turned out better separate