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Walking Stewart

By Tim Smith

Producing an e-book of The Apocalypse of Nature, a 1790 work by John "Walking" Stewart.

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Walking Stewart

John "Walking" Stewart (1747-1822) was an English traveller and philosopher. Wikipedia attributes to him "a unique brand of materialist philosophy which combines elements of Spinozistic pantheism with yogic notions of a single indissoluble consciousness". That caught my interest, but when I went to read his work The Apocalypse of Nature, I could find only a PDF containing page scans and automated OCR. The page scans aren't legible on an e-book reader and the OCR is full of errors. My goal is to make this book more accessible, following these steps:

  1. load OCR onto my e-book reader, read book, correct typos as I see them;
  2. fix any other formatting problems with the OCR;
  3. make the result available in appropriate formats on a web page for others to download.

Update: Finished! Here is The Apocalypse of Nature.