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Sparkly Grey Something!

By Lindsay

Grey yarn that is going to be something AMAZING!!!

75% complete
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Had to start over and now I'm working on the strap!!

I wasn't happy with the way I was initially making it. I kept having to unravel it. So I ended up just crocheting one long strip and folding it in half then joining the two sides. I also joined the side that was folded so it would have the same look and feel to it. I am hoping I will finish this up by tomorrow! And, I'm thinking about maybe making a little pocket for it? What do you guys think?

I will have some left over yarn from this piece.. I'm thinking a small coin purse? Circular this time! OK! Enough chatting! On with the crocheting!!!

More progress!

It should look like a snake anymore now! its more of a small pocket!

Here is my "kind of" progress...