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One game a month - 2022

By Ryan Kubik

I'm planning to give one game a month a shot this year. We'll see how it goes!

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March 2022 and BEYOND

I did not make it very far on this one game a month challenge! I rarely complete streak-based challenges (maybe never?). I just need to take breaks and find my energy outside of work comes in pretty unpredictable bursts.

That said, I did try to ship a few prototypes back in March. I did a little bit of work with my friend, Oliver, on a Vampire Survivors inspired game we were calling "Fish Game". I also published a few updates for my February game "Island Maker". I even ran through the Playdate hello world tutorial.

The closest I got to shipping something new was an attempt at a solitaire card game I did while at GDC. I've always wanted to create a card game with a standard 52 deck of cards. But it continues to escape me! It's been so long that I cannot remember the rules any more. But, I recall this game didn't end up very fun. So, I just never bothered to write down the rules anywhere. The only record I can even find of it in my notes is a to-do from the week of 3/28 reading "Finish solitaire card game idea".

I'm very done with this year's "1gam" at this point. Hopefully, I have the wisdom to remember streak-based challenges don't work for me next time I'm tempted to start one!

But, who knows, perhaps committing initially was beneficial enough. Since I shipped Island Maker, I've continued to improve it and get a lot out of seeing folks play the game. Even today, it gets a lot more traffic on Itch.io than I've gotten from anything else on that site.

Finding a new game to work on was the primary goal for this project anyway... So, I guess, even though I only made it 2 months... it was a success?