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One game a month - 2022

By Ryan Kubik

I'm planning to give one game a month a shot this year. We'll see how it goes!

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January 2022

This month I participated in the Eggplant Community Jam where the theme was "Learning to Let Go".

For this project, I decided not to learn anything new. Pick the simplest concept I could and try to make a finished game in the least amount of time possible. This meant I was definitely going to use JavaScript.

I chose a physics driven game since you get a lot of interesting situations for "free" by the inclusion of a physics engine. Normally, I do a lot of turn based things. It feels like it takes a lot more work to get to the place where interesting emergent things happen in that environment.

At this point, I decided to go for a goal/target that is able to be overshot. I felt this was a sufficient "twist" (not that this is a particularly unique) on the standard mini golf formula. I think this leans a little bit more into the theme of being conscious of exactly how much power you're applying to the fruit.

I decided to avoid implementing and exploring a TON of other things I wanted to. Instead I listed them in a doc. Here are a few that I was pretty interested in: - Sand trap/slow zone that has friction when player moves through - Pinball style colliders than bounce the player off with more speed - Other fruits that the player can be with different properties