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Femto Paint

By Oliver Smith

A paint app for my iPad where I can micromanage the UX

35% complete
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Femto Pencils

Here's a recent shot of Femto showing the debug log (helpful for debugging on iPad without doing a very slow development build). I also spent quite a while making custom sliders using Unity's UIToolkit. The built-in controls are all designed for Unity editor utilities and aren't runtime-ready, in my opinion. But also, I wanted some very specific UX like being able to nudge the sliders very tiny amounts without the handles snapping to the new cursor position, and having the slider move in smaller increments when you pull the cursor away. In an art app, you sometimes have to change things by tiny amounts, like nudging a color just a bit or adjusting the flow slightly. It took a while to get it right but I'm happy with it now.

The above also shows an early attempt at adding pencil-like grain texture. I spent a little while on that too, since a good pencil brush is important - I like the pencil grain, and I often tilt the brush to draw larger shadow areas just like a real pencil. I drew with some traditional pencils to get a reference.

Here's a close-up of the 4B, and the results I currently have in Femto.

There's still some things missing, like how a real pencil has a harder, darker edge near the point, and I'm still using a round brush shape which doesn't look quite right either, but overall I'm pretty happy with it and starting to do more practice in Femto. Here's some quick sketches I did from a Loomis book I'm reading now.