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Femto Paint

By Oliver Smith

A paint app for my iPad where I can micromanage the UX

35% complete
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Recent Femto progress

Undo/redo history was tough and made the code more complicated. It works, but it's a bit slow still so I'll need to revisit it in the future. I need to profile it since I currently don't have any good ideas on how to make it faster. The last few days have been satisfying since there's a bunch of low-hanging fruit that I'm able to knock off quickly, like some simple brush settings and different brush textures. But I'm trying to resist too much feature creep.

With the recent addition of a color picker, I'd say Femto is finally good enough to use for my practice, and I've been using it more casually which is great. Of course, there's a million things I still want to do, and another annoying crash on iPad that got introduced recently. I'm kind of proud of what's there already though! I feel like one of those people who wants to make pizza completely from scratch including growing all the ingredients...except for with art, and pixels.