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By Kaitlyn, Oliver Smith

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The 80/20 rule strikes back

The last 20% of the work takes 80% of the time! Of course, that just means I did not correctly estimate how long things would take in the first place.

Actually, I've been out-of-state for most of the past month and have not had much time to work on the site. What is exciting is that I've gotten some legitimate feedback based on actual usage. As a result, the front page project "cards" now show follower count instead of view count. Follower count is just more interesting to see. Also, when you hover over the number of followers, you can now see who's following your project.

I'm glad I put this site up as soon as possible, even though it isn't all working yet. It would be nice to get a few more project creators posting occasional updates so I can get more usage feedback. I have gotten a few visits by indirectly posting to reddit, but no new organic users yet. That leads me to wonder if there should be an obvious "please sign up" link, but I don't want to nag people either. I could also make a marketing splash page, but I was hoping to avoid that since I'd rather focus on functionality.

Here's a link to my trello board if anyone is curious to see what's left to do for the MVP (and what comes next).