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By Kaitlyn, Oliver Smith

Project blogs for everyone!

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90% and the new formatting guide!

I definitely don't have time to be working on the site right now, but as long as I'm procrastinating I might as well get stuff done (I realize the irony of this statement).

Check out the new formatting guide links at the bottom of every edit box. It's mostly just a primer on Markdown and HTML, but there is some custom stuff I wrote for embedding 3rd party widgets (YouTube, etc...).

If you don't know what Markdown is, it's just a simple standard for formatting text. You can't really do a whole lot with it (you can't center text, for instance), but it basically gets the job done and so is fairly popular on the kind of nerdy programmer websites I go to. If you already know HTML then you can use that instead if you want. For me, Markdown was a huge shortcut to getting this site working because I didn't have to write all my own formatting code or a wysiwyg text-editing widget.

The main thing left to do for the MVP is to implement SSL (which encrypts site traffic), and besides that there are 6 or 7 smaller things you probably won't notice. Oh yeah, and I still need to make the search box work, but since there aren't all that many projects yet it has been a low priority.

Thanks a lot to everyone who has checked out the site so far!