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By Kaitlyn, Oliver Smith

Project blogs for everyone!

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devlogs.io is now progressmade.co

Why the new name? A few reasons:

  1. .io (Indian Ocean) domains are pretty expensive, whereas .co (Columbia) is just as trendy at 1/3rd the price!
  2. devlogs always seemed too coder-centric to me, in that "development" usually implies "software". The idea of making progress applies to any kind of project.
  3. My dream domain, projects.pizza, is $50. :( I predict that in the future all serious business will be done on the .pizza TLD. Meanwhile, the .luxury TLD (currently at $495) will be as worthless as .biz.

If you have an even better, catchier name for the site, let me know! Maybe we can change it every year.